LTMG promotes healthy living

2020/1/7 10:08
On the morning of September 2nd, the round-the-island hiking competition organized by LTMG was kicked off in Xiamen in 2018. As a public welfare organization project, this time, a total of 86 people from outside the company were attracted to participate.
Starting from 7:30 in the morning, the hikers came to the starting point of the race around the island - the exhibition center (the location of the BRICS meeting). The players who came to participate in the competition came to sign up and sign up. The scene was very lively. The team and the people who came to participate in the competition said that the hiking competition not only protected the traditional culture of Xiamen people, but also achieved the goal of fitness for all.

When we participate in this hiking competition, it is not important to have a ranking. What is important is that our enthusiasm and creativity are very high.
Today's temperature is very good, the sky is blue, very good days, so today a project organized today, very excited, very happy.
Team leader of Yulong Outdoor Sports Association joy. Jiang
Our team members also pay great attention to environmental protection. Every one of us has garbage bags. We will not leave any garbage in the places we walked. We only leave our footprints.
Hiking team captain JIMY
Participate in this hiking event this time. First, it is in line with other hikers, and can also reach out to friends of other companies to create a healthy body and create a happiness we pursue.

Head of the walking competition TOM
This activity not only inherits the tradition of Xiamen people's love movement, but also improves the physical exercise of ordinary people and improves their physical fitness.
At 9 o'clock in the morning, the participants participated in the ceremony at the starting point of the "BRIC Conference Center - Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center", and the athletes swore to "friendship first, competition second". At the same time, they took on the mission of promoting green environmental protection, full of passion. Joined the walking competition. At half past nine, I set off in the sound of the drums. It is understood that a total of 86 people participated in the competition, and about 50 people from the cheerleading team came to the end of the competition to set up a route to the famous Chinese university “Xiamen University”, passing “One Country, Two Systems, Yefengzhai, Zeng’an, Music Island, Baicheng, Xiamen University”. "There are many tourist attractions, the route is 40 kilometers in length. During the competition, in order to better serve the contestants, five service replenishment stations were set up along the way.