Singing the new harmonious movement together and drawing a bright future

2020/1/7 10:08
Spring returned, fresh starts for everything.
August 7, 2020,LTMG Xiamen branch 2020 half year summary and commendation meeting was held in the conference hall of Xiamen intercontinental hotel.
All members of the business department gather together to review the achievements made in the past six months, summarize the company's current deficiencies and seek common development!
The contents of this semi annual meeting are mainly divided into the following three parts:
1、 Summing up experience and looking forward to the future
The first is the work report of the main responsible persons in the past six months, which makes a profound summary of the achievements and shortcomings of everyone, and makes a plan for the next stage. Guo Peng, the sales director of the company, shared some successful experiences with all, put forward the shortcomings of the company from different angles. He hoped that all the staff could unite as a person with a high sense of responsibility and mission, and always regard himself as the master of the company.         

Sales director Guo Peng also expressed his gratitude to all the staff and their families,  put forward greater hope on the skill level, product quality and team communication. At the same time, he also wished the company a prosperous career and the safety and happiness of all staff!

2、 Commending the advanced and establishing the model         
LTMG's half a year is inseparable from the hard work of all employees; today, LTMG is inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees, and a contribution must have a return!
In the past six months, there have emerged advanced collectives and individuals who love their jobs and have made outstanding achievements. In the award process, the award-winning individuals and teams, excellent employees and advanced collectives were commended and rewarded.They strive for perfection and play a typical exemplary role for the company and become everyone's model and catch-up goal. Guo Peng, sales director , said that he hoped that through one group of people to drive another group of people, there would be continuous emergence of excellent new people, so as to maintain enough competitiveness in today's highly competitive society.


3、 Be grateful to meet and create the future together
All the core members of the company took a group photo at InterContinental Xiamen hotel to commemorate this moment. The half year meeting ended in the process of sharing, summarizing and commending. We also look forward to better achievements in the second half of the year.

The whole half year meeting ended successfully in a harmonious, happy and exciting atmosphere. Looking back on the first half of 2020, we have made concerted efforts to achieve common harvest; looking forward to the second half of 2020, we have the same goal and full of confidence. Let's seize the day, live up to our time and look forward to a better future together!