Review knowledge and learn skills ,go all out to serve customers

2020/1/7 10:08
On September 16, the "2020 LTMG Products and After-sales Training Conference" kicked off in the conference room.  LTMG foreign trade sales team participated in this training and learning. With the changes in the market and the improvement of customer service requirements, in order to let customers feel satisfied and assured of our products, this training is mainly aimed at counterbalanced forklifts, warehouse equipments(reaching forklifts, electric manual pallet trucks, stackers, etc.) ,loaders and various main accessories such as batteries, engines, etc., from theory to practice, the purpose is to let everyone further understand the principle of the product and detailed accessories and functions, in order to better serve customers.

The sales manager of LTMG Machinery analyzed the current market situation before the training, and explained the importance of product knowledge and skill training in terms of customer needs, product structure, personal ability, and after-sales service.The technical director is responsible for setting up training. While teaching in class, it realizes simultaneous sharing of teaching points and key knowledge. After class, we go to the workshop for on-site inspection, field operation and field demonstration, so that all students can learn and master the training content.

The training enabled the sales team not only to understand and familiarize themselves with the new products, but also to learn the structure principles, performance parameters, and maintenance knowledge of the whole machine and its main accessories, and to master the correct use of new instruments, tools and instruments. With this knowledge, coupled with continuous practice and consolidation, the sales team express that they will be able to serve customers well, will surely make customers more satisfied through quality service, and will surely be able to win repeat customers and more new customers. Everyone has a rigorous and exploratory attitude towards the company's products. It is precisely because of such a group of colleagues who are actively learning and good at thinking, the company's products can be widely promoted and the quality of the products can be guaranteed. The company needs more such people, active input, efficient output, delving into technical issues, and sincerely creating value for customers and the company.