Never forget the original intention , keep move forward to meet the centenary --LTMG Machinery’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

2020/1/7 10:08
In October 2020, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company, LTMG group  held a variety show in the auditorium of the factory with the theme of "Never forget the original intention, carry on the past and open the future". Celebration party shows the company's development achievements in the past 20 years, as well as the strong cohesion, centripetal force, cultural force and positive energy of LTMG.

In his speech, Mr. Guo Peng, CEO of LTMG group , reviewed the development and achievements of LTMG group in the past two decades, and expressed his sincere gratitude to all people. Mr. Guo Peng said that at this stage, LTMG people uphold the concept of "a group of loving and righteous people do a valuable and meaningful thing together", and build the company into a well-known brand in the industry and a respected enterprise, everyone also "roll up his sleeves and work hard", gather infinite wisdom, and engrave the "LTMG" emblem of immortality in the future with burning sincerity.

Looking back on 20 years, LTMG group is based on the e-commerce platform and industry development opportunities, conforms to the trend of the times and the power of big data, and relies on the background of strong and stable factories, and has achieved considerable development and has grown into the engineering equipment and logistics machinery industry. One of the leading companies in the company, the company continues to expand, the market share continues to grow, the technology research and development continues to innovate, the brand reputation continues to increase. Along the way, every step has been made hard, especially since this year’s sudden In the epidemic, LTMG group fully mobilized, deployed and strengthened, and the company made concerted efforts to fulfill the responsibilities and responsibilities of LTMG with practical actions.
Recently, our customers from the Middle East, Philippines, Gabon, Belgium, Hungary and other countries have sent video messages of blessing, expressing warm congratulations and sincere wishes for the 20th anniversary of LTMG, giving high recognition to the construction machinery of LTMG, and hope to have more cooperation in the future.

Man road as the iron, now moving more from scratch. The clarion call of the new era has been sounded. LTMG never forgets his original intention, build the best brand with the best benefits, provide the best handling solutions with professional knowledge and perfect services, and become a domestic cross-border e-commerce platform for logistics and transportation. Ranked first in construction machinery products and continues to increase market shares. The road is long and hindered! Keep your feet on the ground, it will come soon!