LTMG will participate in the 132nd Canton Fair

2022-07-13 14:16:41

   It is reported that the 132nd Canton Fair is planned to be held in the middle and late 2022. The specific format and scale of the Canton Fair will be determined based on factors such as the epidemic situation, prevention and control requirements, and the mode of simultaneous participation of online and offline exhibitions will be adopted. The offline exhibition period is adjusted from one session to two phases to one session to three phases. The opening time is October 15, 2022, and it will be held in Guangzhou from October 15 to November 4. Each exhibition period will be 6 days. It is shortened to 5 days, and the time for dismantling and changing exhibitions is 3 days. The three phases are all held at the Pazhou Complex of the Canton Fair.


   As a long-standing, high-level and large-scale Canton Fair in China, it has become a comprehensive international trade event with good sales results and good reputation. As a leading brand in China's construction machinery industry, LTMG has participated in several Canton Fairs in succession and achieved good trade results. Due to the new crown epidemic, the previous issues have adopted the mode of holding online exhibitions. For the long-awaited offline exhibition, LTMG has already been eager to try, and has made full preparations, which will surely make the customers who come to the exhibition feast their eyes and return with a rewarding experience.

   At that time, LTMG will once again showcase our hot-selling products, such as forklifts, loaders, excavators, etc., customers can experience it in person and directly feel the power of LTMG mechanical products. LTMG sincerely invites you to visit our booth to discuss construction machinery business together. For specific information, please contact us by email: