Electric Tractor

Electric Tractor.jpg

Characteristic Model   TB06
Power Type   Battery
Operator Type   Seated
Rated Capacity kg 6000
Rated Drawbar Pull N 1600
Wheelbase mm 1100
Service Weight kg 1150
Overall Length mm 1966
Overall Width mm 1010
Overall Height mm 1300
Ground Clearance mm 60
Turning Radius mm 1850
Tyres Tires   Solid rubber tyres
Tire Size(Front) mm 4.00-8
Tire Size(Rear) mm 4.00-8
Wheel Number Front/Rear(x=driven wheels)   1/2x
Tread Rear mm 820
Travel(Loaded/Unloaded)Speed km/h 9.5/10.5
Max.Drawbar Pull N 6500
Service Brake   electromagnetism
Electric Motor Drive moror Rating S2 60min kW 6(A/C)
Battery acc. to DIN43531/35/36A,B,C,no   DIN
Battery Voltage, Normal Capacity K5 V/Ah 48/275
Battery Weight kg 540
Additional Data Type of Drive Control   MOSFET
Sound level at driver's ear acc. to EN 12053 dB(A)<70

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