Concentrate Efforts for Better Future: A Day at Tianzhu Mountain of LTMG

2024-03-06 20:14:48

To enrich employees' leisure life, relax their minds and bodies, and enhance team cohesion, LTMG Xiamen Group Headquarters organized a fun "frisbee" activity for employees of the R&D Department, Production Department, and International Trade Department in Xiamen Tianzhu Mountain Yehao Camp in March 2024.



At 11 a.m., all employees arrived at the picturesque Xiamen Tianzhu Mountain Yehao Camp. After a short break, the employees were randomly divided into 8 teams. First, each team elected a captain through team elections. Under the leadership of the captain, the team members actively brainstormed ideas, created team names, slogans, and designed team flags. Through a brainstorming session, each team came up with different team names and catchy slogans, showcasing unique styles and team characteristics.


Then, the coach explained the rules and precautions of the frisbee game in detail. After several rounds of warm-up exercises, the players gradually mastered the skills and experienced the fun of frisbee sports.


Subsequently, the activity began with a whistle. Employees waved the frisbees and threw them into the air. Laughter and cheers filled the lawn, which was instantly filled with vitality and passion. Team members cooperated closely, catching the frisbees with flexible movements and quickly passing them to their teammates. Each group demonstrated excellent teamwork, successfully completing one frisbee relay after another through tacit cooperation and precise passing.


In addition to the traditional frisbee relay, the event also included some creative challenges as frisbee bowling, frisbee tic-tac-toe, dodgeball,etc., which not only tested the team's tacit understanding but also added fun and challenges to the event.


As night fell, everyone rested and had a barbecue at the camp, holding a bonfire party. Justin Zhang, the Head of Group Headquarters, and representatives of the leaders personally lit the bonfire. Justin encouraged team members to go all out in the new year, adhere to LTMG's consistent philosophy of excellence in service and professional and rigorous work attitude, and strive to let every communicating and cooperating customer deeply feel LTMGs sincerity and professionalism.



Team members responded with thunderous applause and sincere smiles. We believe that in future work, we will be more united, work together, and create a more brilliant performance!