Transmission system

German ZF 3WG94 automatic gearbox

Cooling system

Adopt the car design concept

Structural Features

The high-strength frame formed by high-quality steel welding

Drive Axle

Longitudinal swing arm independent suspension, "coil spring + two-way hydraulic cylinder" shock absorber



How to Save Tractor Diesel

Find tips for efficient use of tractor fuel that is diesel during working....


Fighting against the epidemic,

When the pandemic broke out in China, our partners in Romania,Indonesia,Egypt,Spain,Australia,Chile and other places managed to send us nearly 30,000 masks, giving us infinite warmth. After covid-19 broke out overseas with increasing confirmed cases..


Electric towing tractor mainten

1. After the electric towing tractor has been running for 500 hours, it will be routinely maintained. The efficiency, life and safety of the electric towing tractor depend on daily maintenance. 2. The electric towing tractor does not perform routine..


LTMG will attend The PHILCONSTR

The PHILCONSTRUCT Manila 2019 exhibitionwill be held from November7th to10th, 2019 at SMX Convention Center Manila, Philippines. LTMG heresincerelyinvite you to visit our booth No. D-WT41and discuss construction machinerybusiness with us....