Transmission system

German ZF 3WG94 automatic gearbox

Cooling system

Adopt the car design concept

Structural Features

The high-strength frame formed by high-quality steel welding

Drive Axle

Longitudinal swing arm independent suspension, "coil spring + two-way hydraulic cylinder" shock absorber



What should I pay attention to when charging electric tractors?

1. During charging(1) The specific gravity of the battery electrolyte remains basically stable for more than 2 to 3 hours.(2) The electrolyte surface in the battery produces strong bubbles, and the electrolyte turns from milky white to clear.The above conditions indicate that the battery power is su


Realize the diversification of product production chain, LTMG Shandong plant expansion project launched

In order to meet the growing demand for construction machinery products in the international market, in December 2022, LTMG launched a four-month expansion of its plant in Shandong Province, China, which is expected to be completed and ready for use in April 2023.LTMG has made a fine pla


LTMG is looking for agents around the world

LTMG is an enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of logistics handling equipment and construction machinery, and more than 20 years of experience in this industry. LTMG has an advanced production base of 120,000 square meters. Its products cover forklifts, storage equipment, excav


What are the characteristics of a pole-mounted tractor and a pole-less tractor?

An aircraft tractor is a type of security equipment used to tow aircraft on the ground at airports. It is characterised by its low profile and high tractive effort due to the vehicle's high deadweight. As the aircraft's engine can only provide power for the aircraft to glide forward, an airc