Development Trend of China's Airport Industry - Smart Airports

2024-02-29 11:40:55

Nowadays, thanks to the rapid development of information and internet technology, the interconnection of information systems, and the widespread application of cutting-edge technologies such as big data analysis and cloud computing, civil aviation airports have ushered in a new development opportunity - smart airports.


However, the construction and development time of smart airports in China is relatively short, and there are still many pain points in the industry. Currently, most of the solutions for smart airports in China are focused on the service experience, while the lack of model simulation technology is quite common. In addition, there are problems such as unclear data collection and imperfect basic design.


Therefore, the construction of smart airports still needs to be further improved. With the increasing number of domestic flights and passengers, problems such as tight capacity, insufficient terminal buildings and runways are becoming more prominent, which also brings pressure and challenges to the above three core demands. Under such circumstances, domestic airports need to further upgrade and improve in these three aspects.


1. Maximize the efficiency of airport operations. With the increasing number of Chinese tourists and business travelers, improving the travel experience of passengers and the efficiency of airport operations is an inevitable trend for future development.

2. With the tense global anti-terrorism environment, China also faces severe tests. Improving airport security has become a major challenge for airports.

3. In terms of passenger experience, reducing the impact of passenger delays, improving airport service efficiency, and creating a comfortable, safe, and smooth travel environment.

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