Fighting against the epidemic, LTMG is in action!

2020/1/7 10:08

In the begining of 2020, the new type of pneumonia has become our focus. In the war against the epidemic, the Chinese people are united to fight the epidemic.

When New COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan, LTMG Machinery Group and other companies in the industrial park to provide assistance to Wuhan.The total donation and donation amounted to 100,000 masks and 500,000 materials. At the same time LTMG staffs spontaneously contributed 10,100 CNY to the Wuhan.LTMG also made its own contribution for the people to fight against the epidemic.



The global epidemic is still spreading. "The virus is no borders and it is a threat to anyone." Global anti-epidemic is our common responsibility and mission. LTMG overseas business unit actively donated money and materials for foreign customers; in Gabon,the service staff of the after-sales service center provided anti-epidemic materials for local customers. LTMG delivered international partners to partner agents in Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, Spain, Australia, Chile, Ecuador, the United States, Italy and other countries. Nearly 30,000 masks were expressed, expressing our concerns and greetings.



At a critical moment in the global fight against the epidemic, LTMG keep fighting against the epidemic with our partners. We maintain contact with our partner worldwide and pay attention to their health. LTMG also conducted a questionnaire survey to understand the partner's living conditions and confirmed that LTMG is able to help them. After knowing that some of our partners did not have masks and other medical supplies, LTMG make effort to help and support them. LTMG will be together with global partners to fight against the COVID-19.Hope the epidemic to be gone as soon as possible!