Celebrate Christmas, Welcome the New Year

2021-01-08 00:00:00

Winter is coming on December, the end of the year, but it brings us the spring. Bathed in the rare warm sun in winter, Christmas also arrived as expected. In this beautiful festival,LTMG with the most sincere enthusiasm, wish all friends a merry Christmas!

Christmas is one of the most important festivals in the West. On this special occasion, LTMG Foreign Trade Department is willing to celebrate with friends from abroad. So on December 24, Christmas Eve in the afternoon. LTMG held a activities to celebrate Christmas, the activity theme is "Celebrate Christmas, Welcome the New Year". All the staff of our company attended this event to enjoy the festival together.

In order to celebrate this activity, we began to decorate the activity site and work environment carefully one week before Christmas, so as to create a warm and happy Atmosphere of Christmas for employees. In addition, we also send our sincere wishes to customers abroad through phone calls and emails to make them feel that LTMG is company with them, and we are celebrating the coming of Christmas together.

In the activity, LTMG staff have shown their talent to everyone.The programs included singing, dancing and skits, etc.Of course,the game is also the essential event that we do not forget,the purpose of game is to see their tacit understanding, we divided into two groups to compete, LTMG also prepared a beautiful small gifts for the winning team. At the end of the activity, the company also prepared a delicate apple gift box for all staff in LTMG, wish everyone joy and happiness.

With the happy laughter and merry Christmas singing, the activity came to a successful end. This activity not only created the festive atmosphere for Christmas, but also enriched the corporate culture of the company, makes everyone have more team sprite, so that they can back to work with more energetic and more efficient.Hope that everyone can treat challenges and work with more energetic and efficient state of mind in 2021!