Once again online appointment, LTMG 129th Online Canton Fair is waiting for you!

2021-01-10 00:00:00

The Canton Fair is China’s oldest, highest-level, and largest comprehensive international trade event. It is known as the "barometer" of China’s foreign trade. However, affected by the global new crown pneumonia epidemic, the 129th Canton Fair will again be held on April 15th- 24th online, the relevant departments and units of the LTMG group are currently preparing for the exhibition, hoping to give customers a live broadcast feast across time and space. 

Due to the special form of online exhibits at the Canton Fair, the exhibition preparation stage must have complete display materials, perfect display methods, and be fully prepared for all-round display of products. After receiving the exhibition task, our company held several special meetings for corresponding deployment. With the coordination and cooperation of various business departments, we have completed the mapping and sorting of the exhibits’ pictures, centralized shooting, and upload our main product (electric tractor, diesel tractor, etc.)exhibit information. 

In order to fully guarantee the hardware facilities required for online live broadcasts, a "1+1" type of live broadcast room formation has been laid out using limited office spaces, namely a "main live broadcast room" and a "meeting room". Among them, the main live broadcast room is mainly used for the promotion and release of the main products and new products of the exhibiting department at this year's Canton Fair. The meeting room is mainly used for the live broadcast interaction with customers during the exhibition department, and the company provides hardware equipment support uniformly.

Our company not only specially conducts several special trainings and live demonstrations for the "live broadcast module", but also arranges all exhibitors to take turns in trial broadcast rehearsals; each business department has made every effort to draft live broadcast scripts, repeatedly cooperate with exercises, and respond to the problems that appear in the trial broadcast. The problems are summarized, adjusted and improved in time to ensure that the tasks of this exhibition are completed with a professional level and the best state.

The online Canton Fair will be held from April 15th to April 24th. During this period, our company will conduct 8 live broadcasts. The time will be from 17:00 to 18:00 every day. At that time, welcome new and old customers to go to LTMG 129th Online Canton Fair.