LTMG Machinery Group Shandong Branch Held The 2022 Annual Technical Discussion Meeting

2022-10-22 18:32:27

    On October 21, 2022,LTMG Machinery Group Shandong Branch  held a technical discussion meeting at the Wanda Realm Hotel in Tai'an. The meeting was chaired by Davy Deng , general manager of Shandong Branch, and more than 40 technicians from Shandong branch and representatives of the Xiamen branch attended.


 Everyone actively participates in the meetings

    The conference mainly carried out technical discussions around the two major fields of logistics machinery and construction machinery. Davy Deng, general manager of Shandong Branch, pointed out that the market structure of logistics machinery and construction machinery has undergone new changes. Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality have accelerated the rapid development of clean and low-carbon energy, and accelerated the industrial structure adjustment of high-energy-consuming industries. Green construction requires accelerated development and Use electric machinery and other energy-saving and environmental protection equipment.


    With the implementation of the dual-carbon policy, the machinery industry is facing the transformation of green development and the implementation of dual-carbon in the logistics machinery and construction machinery industries. Shandong Branch, as a subsidiary controlled by the core technology of LTMG Machinery Group, will prepare a professional committee to extensively Collect opinions from various parties to promote the development of mechanical electrification of LTMG Machinery Group.


Davy Deng speaking


    At the meeting, the representatives of the Xiamen branch also actively expressed their opinions. As the front-line personnel fighting in the market, the representatives actively fed back the needs of customers and provided valuable opinions for promoting technological innovation in combination with customer needs in the future.


    Davy Deng thanked all the participants for their tireless participation in this conference, and expressed the original intention and purpose of the conference. He hoped to discuss the development path of logistics machinery and construction machinery technology through diversified exchanges within the group, and discuss the development path of logistics machinery and construction machinery technology. The sustainable development of machinery intelligence, digitization and electrification promotes the development within the enterprise and even within the industry.



 Group photo

    The 2022 annual technical discussion meeting of LTMG Machinery Group Shandong Branch was successfully held, which clarified the development direction and goals of the group's technological innovation in the future. It will focus on new energy technology, intelligent technology, and digital technology to provide users with high-quality products. Earn high-satisfaction responses from users. All staff of LTMG Machinery Group will work together to promote the realization of the double carbon goal and help the electrification development of the machinery industry.