How to drive a tractor? Precautions for driving a tractor

2022-05-25 14:52:29

In logistics and transportation, a tractor is a very common vehicle, and we can use a tractor to transport goods. However, because of the structure of the tractor, and the length between the tractor and the carriage is very long, you must know the skills and pay attention to safety when driving the tractor. The following editor will introduce how to drive a tractor and the precautions for driving a tractor.

How to drive a tractor

1. When preparing for towing, put the two ends of the traction rope on the towing hook and the tow hook of the towed vehicle respectively.

2. When starting with soft link towing, the contact signal and precautions of the tractor and the towed vehicle should be determined first.

3. When driving the soft link towing vehicle, the vehicle in front should keep a constant speed.

4. When the turning soft link tractor encounters the bay road, the car in front should decelerate in advance and use hand gestures, and the horn warns the rear car, and should try to drive on the outside of the bay road.

5. When driving up the slope, the car in front should be staggered from the car behind to prevent the car in front from hitting the car behind when it reverses. When going downhill, the vehicle ahead should stay on the right side of the road. Appropriately increase the speed to prevent the traction rope from being too loose and difficult to control.

6. During the traction driving with the soft link of braking and parking, without special circumstances, the vehicle in front should try to avoid applying the brakes, and do not brake urgently. Parking should be done in a wide and flat area. The car in front should use gestures to warn the car behind, then slow down and drive to the side. It is expected that the car behind should use the brakes to stop smoothly when it enters the roadside.

Precautions for driving a tractor

1. The first thing that needs special attention is that when driving a tractor, it is necessary to see if there is a car behind, try to overtake as little as possible, and change lanes less, because the tractor is long, it is difficult to change lanes, and overtaking is also very fuel-intensive, so try to stay in the car as much as possible. Drive at a constant speed on the road.

2. Since the front of the car and the carriage are connected by a tool, when braking, the car body should be braked, and there is no brake on the front of the car, which will feel different from other cars. This braking method should be used.

3. Tractors generally transport large cargoes, and the body is very long, so when turning the body, you must be aware of it and turn at a suitable angle. Generally, the turning angle is more than one meter greater than that of the main vehicle. turn.

4. The reversing of the tractor requires more practice. When reversing, you must see the rearview mirror clearly and reverse slowly. Because the body of the tractor is too long, the direction of the tractor is not very sensitive. When reversing, try to use the steering wheel as little as possible.

5. It is also a skill to drive a tractor to weigh the pounds. The car should be slowly approached to the pounds, but not to the pounds. At this time, the low-speed gear and the gas pedal will make the car feel like it can go out immediately. This is to quickly weigh the pounds and weigh the pounds. The speed may be fast, but also on the premise of safety.

6. When driving a tractor uphill, try to rush the slope when conditions permit. If the clutch is used to downshift when uphill, the power of the car will be rapidly reduced at the moment of downshifting, showing that there is no strength for climbing, and frequent shifting will cause The fuel consumption of the car increases.

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