Why Do Planes Need Aircraft Tow Tractor

2022-11-21 12:16:11

In an airport, when an aircraft is moved from one place to another at the airport, a tractor is generally responsible for the transportation. However, it stands to reason that the plane can also run over by itself, why do you need a tractor to be responsible for transportation? In fact, considering the high start-up and fuel consumption costs of the aircraft, plus the time limit of the engine, most airlines still prefer to use tractors with low transportation costs to be responsible for transportation.


In addition, when the aircraft needs to reverse from the boarding bridge to the taxiway, since most aircraft do not have a "reversing" function, they also need the help of a tractor. Maybe someone here is going to ask: doesn't the plane have reverse thrust? In theory, turning on the reverse thrust of the aircraft (some models rely on reverse propellers) can indeed provide reverse thrust, but the reverse thrust of the aircraft is mainly used to decelerate the aircraft on the runway. If you turn on the engine reverse thrust in front of the terminal, huge The thrust and suction are sure to wreak havoc all around.

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