Self-propelled conveyor belt loader

Self-propelled conveyor belt loader.jpg

1Model  BLB80Remarks
2Power Mode  Battery 
3Service Weight kg4800 
4Front Axel Load kg2700 
5Rear Axle Load kg2100 
 Tire and Wheelbase    
6Tire   Inflatable TireVacuum Radial Tire
7X Drive Wheel   4X2 
8Front Tire Specification  195R15C 
9Rear Tire Specification  195R15C 
10Front Wheel Thread mm1700 
11Read Wheel Thread mm1690 
12Wheelbase mm2990 
13Transfer Extend Range (Front) mm990-4560 
14Transfer Extend Range (Rear) mm540-1650 
15The Highest Extend Angles °25 
16THe Max Transfer Angles °30 
17THe Conveyor Height (F/R:Driving) mm1120/860 
18Belt Width mm600/700 
19The Max. Transfer Width
(Baggage Board Turned Over)
20Overall Length mm8090 
21Overall Width mm2000 
22Overall Height
(Without/With Cabinet)
24Hanging Distance Front mm1335 
25Hanging Distance Rear mm660 
26Approach Angles °16 
27Departure Angles °17 
28Turning Radius  mm6000 
29Ground Clearance mm135 
30The Minimum Outer Diameter for the Driving Channel mm12000 
31Travel Speed (No Load) km/h25 
32Min Steady Speed mm/s2.5 
33Max. Tranfer Unit Kg400 
34Max. Load Ability on Average Kg/m135 
35Belt Transfer Speed (Forward) m/s0.2-0.5 
36Belt Transfer Speed (Backward) m/s0.2-0.5 
37Extend Speed(Front/Rear) s30/1O 
38Lowered Speed (Front/Rear) s30/1O 
39Gradeability %8.3 
40Endurance Miles Km55+ 

With technological innovation, our product configuration and parameters will continue to change without notice; 
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