LTMG Group Volunteer Day

2020/1/7 10:08
On August 31, 2018, under the leadership of the senior management of LTMG Group, LTMG volunteers launched a volunteer activity on August 31, 2018 to send warmth and care to the special children of Xiamen Social Welfare Institute. LTMG volunteers communicated with children through puzzles and origami games and sent them school supplies and Singaporean snacks.
LTMG Business Director Zheng Zong said: “LTMG believes that no matter where we do business, we should integrate and care for the local community. We actively contribute to the society and do our part to bring positive changes to the lives of the disadvantaged.”
LTMG's business development at home and abroad for many years, the company's development originated in Xiamen. The Group's companies continue to develop high-end products and strengthen the international business, including loaders, forklifts, aviation ground equipment, tractors and other products, and achieved rapid development.
LTMG forklift is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LTMG. Since 2017, it has supported and cared for the Xiamen Social Welfare Institute. So far, more than 200 LTMG employees have participated in the volunteer activities of the nursing home, and sent more money to more than 80 children in the Xiamen Social Welfare Institute.
LTMG Group has been working with a number of charities in China for a long time to carry out volunteer activities in all aspects. In recognition of its long-term efforts to implement corporate social responsibility, the company was awarded the “2017 Responsible Brand Award” at the 7th China Public Welfare Festival.

Led by the senior management of the LTMG Group, LTMG volunteers volunteered at the Xiamen Social Welfare Institute on August 31, 2018, playing origami games with special children in the nursing home, and celebrating their birthday in August. The children celebrate their birthday.