popularised knowledge: What are airport vehicles?

We can always see all kinds of different vehicles at the airport, they are special equipment for the airport, carrying out special operational functions. Different from the traditional sense of the "car", "car" is only a carrier, their real task is to ensure the normal operation


What is Aircraft Towing and Taxiing Departure Mode?

In the process of flight departure, in order to overcome the problem that the airplane does not have the function of "reversing", it is necessary to move the airplane to the open area by the airplane towing equipment (push-out stage), and then the crew starts the airplane engin


The growing trend of baggage tractors - a combination of "manned + unmanned" driving

An airport baggage towing tractor is a vehicle designed to transport and haul passenger baggage at airports. It is usually designed to have a large load capacity and carrying capacity to cope with large amounts of baggage.Its history can be traced back to the early days of aviation. It has evolved f


Intelligent control and unmanned driving - the development direction of aircraft tractors

At present, in the world, most of the aircraft tractors are completed by one or two people. In the process of vehicle operation, there is not only the possibility of personnel misoperation, but also high requirements for operators. Therefore, from the perspective of future development, the use of in


Operational Specifications for Baggage Tractors

The luggage tractor is an important tool used by the airport ground staff in airport luggage transportation. It can help the ground staff transport the luggage of passengers from the boarding gate or luggage carousel to the plane or retrieve the luggage. In order to ensure the safe operation of the


What should I pay attention to when charging electric tractors?

1. During charging(1) The specific gravity of the battery electrolyte remains basically stable for more than 2 to 3 hours.(2) The electrolyte surface in the battery produces strong bubbles, and the electrolyte turns from milky white to clear.The above conditions indicate that the battery power is su


What are the characteristics of a pole-mounted tractor and a pole-less tractor?

An aircraft tractor is a type of security equipment used to tow aircraft on the ground at airports. It is characterised by its low profile and high tractive effort due to the vehicle's high deadweight. As the aircraft's engine can only provide power for the aircraft to glide forward, an airc


Why Do Planes Need Aircraft Tow Tractor

In an airport, when an aircraft is moved from one place to another at the airport, a tractor is generally responsible for the transportation. However, it stands to reason that the plane can also run over by itself, why do you need a tractor to be responsible for transportation? In fact, considering


How Can a Small Tractor Drag Hundreds Of Tons Of Aircraft?

However big the tractor is, it weighs only a few tons to dozens of tons. How can it drag a plane of hundreds of tons? This is actually the special thing about the aircraft tractor, whether it is stability or traction is much stronger than the ordinary tractor. The vast majority of


Import and export analysis of construction machinery products from January to October 2021

According to customs data, from January to October 2021, my country's construction machinery import and export trade volume was US$30.388 billion, a year-on-year increase of 52.2%. Among them, the import value was 3.168 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 2.53%; the export value was 2


The working principle and function of the tractor

Tractors are equipment used to transport large quantities of goods within or between workshops. They are widely used due to their strong specialization, large loading capacity, and fast transportation. A tractor is a large truck or semi-trailer that is towed with a tool between the front and the car


How to drive a tractor? Precautions for driving a tractor

In logistics and transportation, a tractor is a very common vehicle, and we can use a tractor to transport goods. However, because of the structure of the tractor, and the length between the tractor and the carriage is very long, you must know the skills and pay attention to safety when driving the


The new growth engine of construction machinery industry - international electrification

The sales data of the main products of construction machinery in 2021 have been released recently. The domestic sales of various excavators decreased by 6.32% year-on-year, and the export sales increased by 97% year-on-year; the domestic sales of various loaders decreased by 0.07%


The "2022 China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50" comprehensive review meeting was held in Beijing

From April to July 2022, the selection committee will conduct interviews with the director of "Exploring the Power of Construction Machinery Products" and visit users, etc.The tour of the project is carried out, and the characteristics, technology and brand image of the TOP50 award-winning


Expensive but underwhelming,What's so special about the tractor?

Partners who often appear by plane will definitely find that there are not only planes, but also various vehicles with "different looks" on the tarmac. Among them, there is such a vehicle that can easily tow the plane away. How does it do it? of? Why do planes have to be towed by cars? Can