Love makes the future, LTMG is the transmitter of love ------LTMG loves to help poverty students who stay in the mountains

2020/1/7 10:08
Helping poor students realize their dream of going to school is the wish of the party committees and governments at all levels, and it is also the focus of the whole society. It is not only an important task of poverty alleviation work, but also to block the hope that the poor generations pass; while the company develops, LTMG Machinery does its best to help children from poor families receive a good education. To make some contributions to society, on August 21, 2020, representatives of LTMG Union visited poor students in Xiazhuang Village, Nanping Municipality and County, Fujian Province, and carried out donation activities.

In the donation activities, the secretary of Xiazhuang Village of Zhenghe County made a speech, pointing out that the charity of caring people is a major measure for the construction of a harmonious society; it is also a specific action for supporting education, poverty alleviation and public welfare. At the same time, I hope that the beneficiary students will turn this care into a driving force, forge ahead in adversity, establish lofty ideals, study hard, strive for good results, and use practical actions to repay the society's care for themselves.


Representatives of the LTMG  Union visited 11 poor students and their parents on the spot. Each household was given education grants one by one. Some families lost the ability to work, and some children were single-parent families. The children lived in dilapidated mud houses with their grandparents. The conditions are harsh; on that day, 11 poor and disabled children were funded to provide timely help for the children’s life and academic problems; through this activity, the students in Xiazhuang Village of Zhenghe County were also cared and supported by the society. We believe these The children will definitely work harder, have high ambitions, work hard, and be both virtuous and talented, live up to the care of society and create a better future.