Follow the Direction of Heart : LTMG Longyan Water Town Tour

2023-08-31 10:17:36

Longyan Tianzi Water Town, located in Yongding City, Longyan, Fujian Province, is a national 4A-level tourist attraction integrating hot springs, leisure vacation, Dining & Shopping and ecological sightseeing. 2023 August, in order to celebrate the company's achievements in the first half of the year, and also to enrich the staff's spare time life and enhance the team cohesion, LTMG organized a two-day  water town trip for the staff who won the first individual award in the first half of the year.


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At 11:00 a.m. on the 12th, all the staff arrived at Tianzi water town Hot Spring Hotel.After a little trimming and preparation at the hotel, the first activity of the day began. Tianzi Wanlin Water Park, a large-scale water paradise combined with slipway, spiral slide and other entertainment facilities. Everyone changed into swimsuits and frolicked in the water, feeling the rare coolness of this hot summer day.

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After the water play, we had dinner at the hotel. The hotel elaborately prepared a variety of local specialties of Longnan, such as Fish Noodles, Roasted Goose, Stir-fried Beef Crisp, Xiayang Beef Meatballs, and other local flavors to bring enjoyment to everyone's taste buds. After dinner, or in the park free walking, or in the hot springs theme park to experience the characteristics of the hot springs health culture, After dinner, or in the park free walking, or in the hot springs theme park to experience the characteristics of the hot springs health culture,.


The destination of the second day is the JiuXiLu scenic spot. The scenic spot is located in the middle and lower reaches of a stream in a primitive forest park, with a tranquil environment and pleasant scenery.Its terrain is steep, with a vertical drop of up to 320 meters, and more than 90% of the river is covered by virgin forest, making it a natural rafting mecca.Employees wearing life jackets, placed in a narrow boat, with the river since the high out of the forward rushing. Along the way, we cheered each other up and went through the difficult times together, sublimating our feelings for each other in the adventure. Finally, after the steepest part of the river, we finally came to the flat surface of the river, and the open valley came into view, with its magnificent scenery. Everyone was impressed by the beauty of the scenery in front of them and could not help but feel that the trip was worthwhile.


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The archery program was also fun and many people showed off their skills in this section. Holding the longbow, drawing it, and letting it go! Each arrow shot called for tension and excitement, and the sound of admiration rose and fell in the scene. In addition, entertainment programs such as Skyline Skating also brought laughter to this group-building activity. At the end of the trip, everyone took a group photo in the City of Light, using the camera to freeze this happy moment forever.


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The two-day group building activity ended in the reluctance of the people. This activity not only let the staff relax in the beautiful natural landscape, but also increased the team cohesion through the interesting programs. The joy of the trip is not only an unforgettable memory for all the staff, but also a great motivation for the future work of the team. LTMG will face the challenges in the work with the courage and passion of today.