Technological breakthrough! LTMG 20-ton Side loader Forklift New Arrival

2023-09-14 18:17:40

On August 20, 2023, LTMG's first 20-ton side loader forklift was successfully completed at the factory and officially shipped. This is another breakthrough made by LTMG in this field after the successful production of 12-ton side loader forklift in 2022. At the same time, this is also the largest tonnage side loader known on the market, and its birth means that the company has taken a solid step forward in the field of heavy-duty logistics handling equipment.


In the past decade, the industrialization process of the country has been advancing, and the global trade has been growing rapidly. The market demand for side loader forklift has also risen significantly under its effect. On the one hand, the rapid development of port cargo logistics, warehouse loading and storage efficiency is increasingly emphasized. On the other hand, with the continuous development of infrastructure, construction and heavy industry, transportation and other industries also put forward higher demand for large-size equipment , materials loading and unloading. In the face of such market demand, large tonnage side loader forklift, with their excellent functionality and maneuverability, have attracted attention in these fields.



LTMG Side Forklift Trucks in action


Previously, LTMG's line of side loader forklifts has covered 3~12 tons, providing professional logistics handling solutions for many countries and regions around the world. As the latest study of the company, this 20 ton side loader forklift has outstanding performance and excellent quality. The powerful engine and large capacity fuel tank meet the demand of high load capacity of the body. The upgraded cab provides excellent visibility, and with the advanced hydraulic system and wider support legs, it ensures a smooth and reliable working process while enhancing the operator's practical experience. The high load capacity of up to 20 tons and high strength structural design further broaden its practical application scenarios, bringing new solutions to more logistics handling problems.



LTMG 20 Ton Side Loader Forklift


After the 20-ton side loader forklift went on line, LTMG strictly followed LTMG's product quality and safety management system to conduct rigorous factory tests on a series of features, such as its lifting capacity, steering flexibility, and actual load capacity. The quality supervisor of the production department, Weidong Lin, said: "The load capacity of up to 20 tons makes it different from other similar products, and it can well solve the pain points of some customers. Looking forward to its actual performance in the market!"


The successful launch of this LTMG side forklift is, on the one hand, due to the breakthrough in the company's production technology level, and on the other hand, a direct result of the business philosophy of always paying attention to the needs of customers.In the future, LTMG will continue to adhere to the upgrading and development of technology and products, and is committed to providing global customers with even better products and customer service.